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Who I Am

Reda Ruhani is the founder of Arabic High Magic,...

A spiritual worker with more than a decade of experience in the field of Arabic occultism. Since 2021, he has been putting his expertise at the service of people belonging to all creeds, cultures, and walks of life. From authentic divination to genuine spiritual work and healing, Reda has supported hundreds across the globe in their spiritual and material growth. Today, he remains dedicated to helping people transform their lives in ways they never thought possible.

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My Services to You

Discover more about my range of professional services. I constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with me – I will be more than happy to help.


Tired of results that quickly fizzle out? A better alternative would be an outcome based protocol designed to manifest your wish as quickly a possible, no matter how long it takes. Now, that is our kind of  spiritual work! 


Contracts include more wishes, are more powerful and permanent. Thus, they are ideal for a number of reasons. A deed is drafted and ratified using our proprietary method designed to maximize efficacy and it has you written all over it. 

Spiritual Purge

Wether it's a jinn problem, a malign spirit, demonic possession, a hex, a curse, binding, black magic or evil eye. People have found true healing following this process when all else has failed and all hope was lost. 

Spiritual Diagnosis

This service combines a scientific approach and a human touch to help you gain total clarity about your spiritual condition and set you on the path of true healing, if need be.

Angelic Divination

You have questions? Archangel Gabriel has answers. This is your chance to connect with him using a unique method. See his guidance and advice and, more importantly, get it! 

Private Mentorship

In any practical field, your shortest path to mastery is following a guide, who has travelled the road before you, and paved the way to your success, through their own experience. Guidance and support are a major key to any victory. 

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I had a lot going on when I reached out to Reda. First of all, while I’ve had many successes in my life, I have felt something negative (some type of energy or attachment) follow me since I was a child. This has also lead to a lot of despair, frustration, and blockages in my life. Reda was able to detect that without my sharing any of this information, and had me do a spiritual purge treatment. The differences are night and day. Reda also couched me, advised me, and went out of his way several times to give me guidance. I also utilized Reda’s services for a pact for wellness, and the results were immediate and sustained. I highly, highly recommend Reda. Even if you are hesitant, reach out and get a better sense of him. He is highly ethical, down to earth, and well mastered in his area. His solutions are not temporary, and do not involve any type of negative action. Thank you again Reda, for everything you have done for me. 

- Sam, from Australia


I can't say enough good things about Reda. I've been working with him extensively this year on a variety of issues, and the results have often been dramatic. I was treated for a spiritual affliction that had been with me for most of my life, and I also recommended it to two friends who are experiencing their own miracles with it. Reda was more than generous with his time, always available to answer questions and provide reassurance. Since the treatment, we have been working on rebuilding my life in different areas. I'm experiencing new opportunities and windows opening every day, and a greater sense of balance and peace. Reda puts an incredible amount of time and energy into his workings. This is reflected in the outcomes. He could charge significantly more for what he does. Do not hesitate to contact him!

- Rebecca, from the USA


I am very pleased to inform you about the results I have received from Reda's services. He is a genuine practitioner of Arabic Theurgy. He was available to me for communication when I needed. I am still surprised how the results have manifested for me in a timely fashion and yet, so subtle, like a miracle. I am very grateful to have found Reda. Please accept my appreciation for all the energy you put into your work to make sure your clients get their desired results. Earlier, I have read feedback from other clients, now experiencing the results in my personal life is a true blessing. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your services and genuine kindness, in the way you understood my queries and problems. I will highly recommend you to any of my friends who are seeking help. I'd love to keep consulting you for more services in the future. God bless you Reda!

- Nav, from New Zealand


Reda delivers authentic results as well as going beyond customer service and satisfaction. He values every client, as well as myself, with the highest respectability and strives to really help others in the most genuine way possible. The energy I feel, especially in regards to my Jinn Contract is highly potent. If you're looking for authenticity and true Arabic High Ceremonial Magic, with results, look no further. I say this as a returning client of his services and my life has truly changed for the better.

- Faith, from the USA


Reda helped me with protection from a stalking situation that I’d endured for more than a decade. The stalker is a sorcerer, who devastated my life in many ways, from career to friendship, and love interests. I sought protection for the past two years from various magicians, high and low, from casting spells to doll in the coffin and protective shields. The solutions were often broken by the sorcerer, and not fool proof. Reda initially did a spiritual purge to reset and protect me, after which he made a contract for angelic protection. This will protect me for the remainder of my life versus spells which are limited in duration. I found that Reda was always respectful of my requests, and went above and beyond. I continue to work with Reda to repair my life, including a wealth and business success contract, amongst other things. In short, I’m grateful for coming across Reda and his help with protection, wealth, and other workings.  He’s highly ethical and will go beyond what is asked.  

- Kim, from the USA


Reda has knowledge and mastery of the art of magick like no other. He saw and knew things about me that I haven’t even told him. I asked him to do some healing work, and the result was instant. He went to the core of the problem and the improvement was fast and obvious. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help, contact him without any hesitation. He is very kind and friendly and can help you with all kinds of problems and in the best, safest and fastest way possible. Huge gratitude and much blessings to Reda. 

- Raymond, from Macedonia


I am beyond grateful for the divination session with Archangel Gabriel facilitated by Reda, easily over & above any & every other reading or divination I've ever had. I loved the simple yet well-structured approach of the session, which started with a straightforward & effective invocation of Archangel Gabriel. I asked my questions & they were answered by AA Gabriel via the tarot & its interpretation, every single answer was accurate, relevant, clear & made perfect sense, which alone is enough to put this session in a category of its own above all others I've had done before. The beauty of this facilitated genuine angelic contact shined in that it seemed to truly look within my heart & mind and addressed specific & relevant issues & concerns that I had not even verbalized in any way to Reda ! This is divination extraordinaire, ladies & gentlemen ! I highly recommend Reda, with his kind, friendly & professional demeanor alongside his top tier service for all of your spiritual needs & concerns.

- Adam, from the USA


For many years I knew something evil was done spiritually to me. Many disappointments, frustrations, setbacks and bad luck that almost caused me to want to give up. A good friend of mine told me about Reda and suggested that I contact him. He is the ONLY person that I have found who offers a spiritual diagnosis. It makes sense because he gets to the root of the issue. That is the only way he can know how to treat your problem with the appropriate treatment. He is very calm, gentle and patient. He makes you feel comfortable. I have now completed my spiritual treatment, I feel a sense of upliftment, I feel light. My spiritual awareness has sharpened tremendously. During and after my treatment I had some spiritual experiences that I never had before. I say this with the deepest thanks, appreciation and much love. He has so much more to offer. He does his work out of love, and his prices are affordable. My eternal gratitude to the creator for guiding me to Reda.

- Marilyn, from the USA


Reda guided me step by step on how to approach a jinn King. From timing, preparations and summoning, he gave me clear instructions on how to proceed. He provided me with a powerful conjuration to establish contact with the Jinns which took place after only 5 repetitions. I was dumbfounded about the immediate palpable response I received after uttering the chant. I am grateful to Reda for guiding me through the process to establish a relationship with the King and his aids. This experience opened my eyes to how powerful Arabic High Magic can be.

- Margaret, from the USA


I've received some coaching, help and advice from Reda . I'm a beginner in this field and he explains things in simple, easy to understand terms, for someone who is raised in the western world like myself. He is a good man, very knowledgeable and keeps it real 100%. I've experienced many con artists, all kinds of men in the past but Reda is honest and knowledgeable, I like that quality about him. He does not make outrageous claims.

- Eric, from the USA


I was in a really bad place spiritually, mentally and financially when I sought out Reda's help. I followed his instructions and I became more spiritual which made life easier and more comfortable. Since I've implemented his teachings, I've had great spiritual accomplishments and improvements with my finances.  All these beautiful changes make me highly recommend everyone to reach out to Reda if they are ready to elevate their practice to the next level. 

- Youssef, from Belgium


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